Green Apple Inn Bed and Breakfast

The Green Apple Inn is a homestead bed and breakfast nestled between the Kickapoo Valley’s rugged hills of Driftless Wisconsin. A crowing rooster greets the morning while a small flock of chickens roam and forage in the yard. Cattle graze in the nearby pasture. A large organic garden offers fresh produce for guests’ breakfast and for home preserving. Wild apples and blackberries grow vigorously and only await ready hands to pick their abundance.

Homesteading is a way of life for us. Being connected to the land and our community, living more harmoniously with nature and increasing self-sufficiency are central to the homesteading lifestyle.

We are located just two miles south of Organic Valley and one mile south of La Farge. Our historic Victorian farm house was built by the Green family in 1903. Many “green” features have also been built into  its recent renovation as well as into furnishings and food.

A homestead bed and breakfast.