Earth-friendly practices

Solar clothes dryerWe choose many Earth-friendly practices that are higher labor and higher cost but leave a smaller carbon footprint. Here is a list of some of the sustainable practices we use here at the Green Apple Inn:

  • Use organic cotton linens and towels.
  • Heat with wood or electricity from solar panels as much as possible.
  • Use natural latex mattresses in all the guest rooms.
  • Make cleaning products on site from common, biodegradable ingredients.
  • Line dry laundry, even in winter.SS851034
  • Use solar to heat water and generate electricity.
  • Grow and preserve our own organic food.
  • Make rugs and quilts out of recycled clothing and fabric.
  • Keep backyard chickens that forage on pasture and eat ticks.
  • Refinish woodwork with non-toxic finishes, keeping the chemically sensitive guest in mind.
  • Use no-VOC paint in all the rooms.
  • Drive electric cars and use electric yard equipment.